Corgi Pug Dog Mix Breed Information and Pictures

Most certainly, you already know the Corgi and the Pug dog breeds, but have you imagined the puppies they will produce if their breeds mixed?

Nowadays, people would go crazy about adopting dogs. They make sure that they have researched to find out the most popular breed as of today.

These mixed breeds have genuine personalities, and they care for you more than anyone could because they belong to you, and they like to see you happy and jolly just like them.

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Pug Corgis: The Basics

Weight7 – 14 kilograms or 15 – 31 pounds
Height25 – 30 centimeters or 10 – 13 inches
Average Lifespan12 years, up to 15 years
CoatShort and straight
ColorVarations of brown, black and red
Coat LengthVaries, usually short
Coat TextureUsually dense
TemperamentMedium Energy, Friendly, Submissive
Dog-friendlyMostly Yes
Cat-friendlyMostly Yes
Breed RecognitionYes
EarsFloppy ears
EyesMostly Brown

The Pug corgi mix is a crossbreed of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Pug. They are typically small breeds, that when you mix these two, the puppies are probably more charming and irresistible.

  • Their jolly, social, and playful behavior would be perfect for those who are looking for a pet companion that can be their stress reliever. 
  • These breeds have different stories, but they shared similar purposes. It is to be a loving companion for their owners.
  • These two short and fluffy mixes are well-known breeds across the world.
  • The Corgi dog ranked 15, and the Pug dog ranked 31.
  • Their mix is often called Porgi (PugCORGI).

Although they are adorable and everyone thinks that there are no signs of downsides owning these Porgi, their traits came from the two parent breeds. It is vital to learn first about the Corgi and Pug before you decide to mix these breeds. 


pug biting a bone

We all can agree that Pugs are small but big-hearted dogs. They are lovable and smart dogs that belong to the toy group. They came originally from China around 206 B.C. It is one of the oldest breeds in history.

During ancient times, emperors and luxurious families are the only people who have the right to own pugs. Everyone treated pugs as royalty, and they even have their guards way back then. Find out more details about baby pug puppies, where you can find answers to 23 important questions about them.

Since their popularity grows, they later become a breed in the royalty of Europe. Even Princes, Kings, and Queens owned this breed. After the Civil War in America, pugs became well-known, and they continued breeding them with other designer breeds around the world.

Typically, they are good companions, proven a long time ago, even up to this day. They are born to be lap dogs because of their attachment to their owner.

They are not good at hunting and guarding your home, but their behavior towards you will melt your heart. Their goofiness will make you laugh, and that is how they give entertainment. They always look forward to spending time with you.


corgi the happy dog

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi came from Pembrokeshire, Wales, where they got their name. Do not underestimate these fun-sized cute corgis. They are the working dogs that help on the farm to herd cattle, sheep, and horses. 

These corgis are highly intelligent and more than willing to learn more and make their owners proud about everything they do. They are hyper that makes them good at herding. These puppies need to spend most of their time playing and exercising since they need the energy to start their day right.

Since they are intelligent, they are likely to be stubborn. With the help of proper training, you can change that attitude. Start it as early as possible so when these puppies grow up, they become more disciplined. You can also hear them bark almost at anything. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the epitome of happiness in the family.

They show love and affection for each and everyone in the family. They are also trainable. However, they are very independent and often decide for themselves. 

These corgis are friendly. They appreciate every time you get to socialize with them. However, they can be suspicious that makes them good watchdogs.

Corgi Pug Mix Puppies 

You probably saw these breeds before, and surely you want to have one. The corgi cross pug puppies are a designer breed that can catch the attention of everyone. They are a combination of cute and adorable lapdogs. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a Pug will make a half Pug and half Corgi. 

  • These puppies are both playful and friendly that makes them one of the most must-haves mixes.
  • Their affection and bubbly personality make them a great addition to every family.
  • They bring positive vibes that make everyone around them would be entertained.
  • The good thing about their mix is their puppies will inherit the genes and personality of both breeds.

So, a Pug plus Corgi is equal to endearing lovely puppies.

How Big Do Pug Corgis Get? 

The pug corgi is a small-sized breed that can stand around 10 to 13 inches tall. The dog’s weight depends on the genes the pups inherit the most. It is because the weight difference of the parent breeds is different from the height. But, based on a study, adult porgis can weigh from 18-30 pounds.

Since both Pug and Corgi are small breed dogs, expect the same to their puppies. A Pembroke Welsh corgi can grow up to 13 inches and weigh around 20 to 25 pounds. Unlike other corgis, Pembroke Welsh are smaller ones. In comparison, a pug can stand between 10-13 inches tall and can weigh 14-18 pounds.

What Do Pug Corgis Look Like?

Everyone that gets to see these cute pug corgis will surely be in love with their fluffiness. Being their pet owner comes with full and hands-on responsibility.

But, when you have porgis at home, life would be easy as they are now an addition to your family. Your care for them would be voluntary and not by force because you genuinely love them as your own. 

Their physical appearance is just a bonus. Pug corgi is likely to be black, fawn, red, and brown, along with a dark muzzle. The size of the head and muzzle will depend on the parent’s breed.

They can have a flat face like the pug, while the build acquired in the Corgi dog. They like to flop over than to stand up straight. They get the curly tail from the pug dog and its fluffiness in the corgi dog. They have a short and straight yet dense coat. 

What Is A Corgi Pug Mix Called?

But, what do you call a combination of Corgi and Pug? A Welsh Corgi Pug mix is known as Corgi Pug, Pug Corgi, and the Porgi. Are they close to perfection? They surely are. According to some of the owners, they are beyond satisfied with the joy these dogs are bringing. 

Nowadays, people would love to get their dog mix with a designer breed. They would pay lots of money just for it. Since this demand is high, people start to get interested in adopting a dog. Not just a typical dog, but a popular one. Like Corgi and Pug. The two dog’s popularity in the early years influences people. More and more are interested in having one. 

Pug Corgis: Are They Good With Families 

the porgi
Pug Corgi Mix Breed – Source

Bringing a half-pug half-corgi puppy into your family may be one of the best gifts for them. They are easy to love and establish close attachments between you and them. You can’t probably resist their undeniable charm, and whenever they are around, everything seems so colorful because of the vibes they bring to your home.

  • Whenever you have visitors, they tend to welcome them by being friendly and playing with them.
  • They are calm, unlike other breeds.
  • They only bark loud whenever they feel threatened or when a stranger comes into your home, but do not get me wrong, as it only takes few minutes.
  • Afterward, the stranger would be familiar to them if they spend time with the puppy.

When your train your pug corgi at their early age to socialize with people, be familiar with places and other animals, they can easily adjust to any situation. That is what makes them disciplined and well-mannered.

Your pug and corgi mix can be your stress reliever as they are affectionate and like to be in a fun-loving nature. You will get to enjoy their presence because they are playful and intelligent at the same time. 

How Long Do Pug Corgis Live? 

So, what is the average lifespan of Porgis? They actually live 12 years on average. The biggest factor in their life expectancy is you as their owner. If they are getting enough care, proper food nutrients, a healthy lifestyle, and physical activity, they can live a happy and long life up to 15 years.

  • By providing all of their needs, you can create lots of memories together. Fifteen years is long enough to collect not just good times, but your dog will still be present even on your darkest days. Indeed, a great companion to keep.
  • They are required for regular checkups to ensure you are getting the right advice and appropriate procedures for their care maintenance.
  •  If you fail to take this responsibility, malnutrition can happen, and it can shorten the lifespan of your puppy. 

Pug Corgi: What Is Their Temperament? 

The pug corgi acquired its traits from both parents. They have endearing qualities like loyal, lovable, and affectionate. They are the dogs you will never get tired of giving your time and effort. Their good wholesomeness overpowered their downsides. If you plan to get a pug and corgi mix, remember that both parents can be stubborn, and the pug corgi puppies will inherit the same. So far, this makes pug corgi challenging to handle at times. 

Both pug and corgi dogs are intelligent, so expect their puppies to be trainable. When you start to train these dogs, you need to be consistent, or else they would lose interest in learning because these pug corgis are independent, and they can learn all by themselves. 

They can experience separation anxiety whenever they feel isolated or not getting enough attention from their owner. They tend to produce disturbing barks. So, if your family are out all day, a pug corgi is not for you.

Are Pug Corgis Prone To Any Health Conditions? 

Unfortunately, a pug and corgi mix is prone to health problems. Both breeds have severe structural health issues. The two major complications can be the flat face of the Pug and the short legs of the Corgi. 

The pug’s flat face may not be alarming because it is appealing. But, due to the compressed nose, these dogs cannot breathe normally. It can lead to brachycephalic airway syndrome. It makes exercising difficult, especially during the hot season.

Another health problem that your pug corgi might experience is achondroplasia. It is because of the corgi’s shortened legs. Although their short legs may look adorable, it is a high-risk problem in the back and joints of your porgis. 

Pug Corgi Deafness 

Deafness in a corgi pug breed can either be temporary partial or permanent total loss of hearing. It is because of the wax build-up in the ear canals that causes severe and untreated ear infections. Deafness has numerous factors like congenital deficiency, head injuries, degenerative nerve changes, or diseases, such as a tumor or ruptured eardrum. This problem can also be possible to your dog because of genetic inheritance or abnormal anatomic development.

If your pug corgi is unresponsive, take them to the vet. If they fail to respond to familiar verbal commands or keep on shaking or tilting his/her head, then your pug corgi might be deaf.

Hip Dysplasia 

Hip Dysplasia is a common health issue referring to a malfunction of the tissues and ligaments surrounding the area to cartilage for cushioning. It blocks the movement and natural fluids for lubrication of pug corgi. Due to improper nutrition, too much, or too little exercise, these dogs can develop hip Dysplasia. Obesity can make their joints stress which can develop hip Dysplasia. 

The possible symptoms of this health issue are constant feelings of discomfort. They can also have a narrow stance, loss of muscle tone, feeling lame in hind legs, and difficulty maneuvering stairs.

To prevent or cure this health problem, consult the vet about the best diet for your pug corgi and the appropriate exercise that your dog needs each day to keep them in a stable physical condition.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

 Progressive Retinal Atrophy affects the retina of the pug corgi. It is a condition inherited from the parents. It starts from losing the night vision, then the day vision, and can end to total blindness. It is likely to happen in dog breeds, but it isn’t painful at all. You may not even be aware that your dog is losing his sight, and because of the gradual deterioration, your dog will adjust to the condition using other senses. When this happens, you can see changes in their eyes. It will become opaque, and cataracts will be visible in the center.

Other symptoms are your dog’s eyes beginning to have a cloudy-look. Your dog may bump into the walls without noticing it, check their eyes, and if you see that it is slowly decreasing the color and the pupils dilated, it might be a sign that they are blind. When your dog hesitates to go down the stairs or jump down steps, or show signs of weakness, then something is wrong with them. A corgi pug breed only feels weak when they are ill or in pain.

Intervertebral Disk Disease 

Intervertebral disk (IVD) disease is a clinical disorder causing severe pain, dysfunctional limbs, and feeling numb in the hind limbs. This disease may occur in a corgi pug breed. Your dog might be experiencing this disease if you notice that they don’t want to eat, crying when you are holding them, having a tight abdomen, and reluctance to go up or down the stairs. 

Their legs may feel weak. If it got worst, your dog would lose its function and can only move the hind limbs. A Porgi diagnosed with IVD in the neck frequently holds the head down when walking, having muscle spasms in the neck, and crying out in pain when moved.

How Much Grooming Do Pug Corgis Need? 

As the owner of these cute pug corgis, you should know the proper grooming for them. Since these dogs shed excessively, brush their short hair every once a week to remove loose and dead hair along with any existing specks of dirt. Use a pin brush, slicker, brush, and de-shedders. 

Regularly cleaning their ears is also important. Use an approved solution from the vet as it can avoid the risk of having ear infections. Brush your Porgi’s teeth at least twice a week. It prevents any dental disease keeping the pug mixed with corgi’s mouth clean. It is easy to keep their mouth and coat clean because they do not drool too much. 

Daily bathing your pug corgi is not necessary. These dogs do not tend to take on strong odors. Keep their nails clipped short as they are mischievous and can accidentally harm anyone who plays with them. 

Pug Corgi Training: How Hard? 

Although both of the parent breeds of the Porgi have endearing qualities, the pup still inherited both parent’s stubbornness, independence, and mischievous character. That is why owners said that their experience in training them is quite challenging, and they never see that coming because they thought that these pups are obedient enough to take the training.

However, pug corgis are trainable. They like to please their owners and aim to make them happy with their gestures. To train your dog, you need to start early. Show lots of affection. When they feel the love from you, they respond well to your praise and do everything to understand and learn your commands.

Continue to socialize with them, and they will do well during the training. Give these dogs the favorite food treats as a prize for each training session. Stay consistent as it is the assurance that your corgi pug pet will be obedient, well-mannered, and friendly to everyone they meet. 

What Do Pug Corgis Eat? 

In feeding your Porgi, remember that the amount and the quality of food you will provide plays a vital role in their lifestyle.

 Nutritious food can make them healthy. Since these dogs are small, one cup per day is enough to sustain a healthy living. Both Corgi and Pugs like to eat, and porgis is no exception. 

Giving them high-quality dry dog food twice a day are also appropriate as long as it is suitable for their age. A single-protein and grain-free diet is the best option for these dogs. You can try Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free. It is an all-natural product and contains protein nutrition. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural is 100% poultry-free with natural products filled with six ingredients beneficial for pug corgi’s diet. Orijen Adult Dry is consists of whole meat products with no preservatives added. 

You have to choose high-quality ingredients packed with proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins should come from high-quality animal-based sources like fresh meats.

Do Corgi Pugs Play Well With Other Dogs? 

Are corgi pugs friendly towards other dogs? Porgis loves socialization and can build relationships over time with other dogs with their owner’s supervision. It may take time, but they can adjust to their surroundings with familiar dogs and even cats. You have to be patient because as time goes by, they would be accustomed to the environment surrounded by other animals.

Like typical dogs, they tend to become aggressive with everyone that is not familiar with them. They can start a fight, and they won’t back down. 

Studies reveal that lack of proper socialization may cause the dog to feel threatened most of the time. That is why they chase and bark aggressively at other dogs until they leave, or they may even viciously attack them. 

But it still depends on your pug corgi as they can be friendly or defensive.

Humans And Pug-Corgis: Best Friends Forever

Humans’ love for dogs is timeless. During the early years, they introduced dogs to people as a companion, and that never changed up to this day, and it will remain constant. Most people prefer to spend their money to get a designer breed. Certainly, it cost expensive because these breeds are unusual to everyone. They even try to know what should be mix to get their ideal dog.

These babies are called Pug-Corgis cross pups. They inherited the traits of their parent breeds like behavior and appearance. These two parent breeds are the most adored dogs, and everyone would be lucky to have pug corgi mix puppies. 

As more and more people adopted this breed, they are all satisfied with the experiences they are sharing. Some describe their pug corgi as a blessing to the family. Some found a friend in them, and some got a companion that matches their energy.

Final Thoughts On Pug Corgi Mix

when dogs meet

Pug corgis are indeed the best breed of dogs. Although they are small, they can create a significant impact on everyone. They are naturally loving and a great buddy you will ever have.

  1. Bringing one to your family is the best decision.
  2. Do not worry if you have kids at home, as these puppies are child-friendly.
  3. They are a great addition to the family, and everyone would be delighted to see them roaming around the house. 

If you want a short, fluffy, and adorable little helper, then a Pug Corgi mix is the right one for you. As the owner of this mixed breed, you have to remember that there are times that they will expose their stubbornness. That might make you feel guilty if you scold them. Never let that happen. Instead, teach them at their very young age to learn what discipline means.

They may be hard to train, but after all, it is worth the time and effort. They surprisingly become disciplined and mastered a well-behaved manner. With the appropriate care, you can have yourself a fun and loyal best buddy for a long time.

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