Can Parakeets Eat Chocolate? Too Sweet for Budgies

Can Parakeets Eat Chocolate

Budgies like sweet treats. Some pet owners give honey and peanut butter as their occasional treats for training purposes or any other reasons. But how about the ever-famous chocolate? Can parakeets safely consume chocolate? Since your budgies are not aware of the appropriate and inappropriate foods for them, as a pet owner, you are responsible … Read more

Bird Food Types: A Quick Guide To Bird Feeding

Feeding the colorful and fun-loving, feathered-friends is an experience that brings joy to many pet owners or bird watchers. Knowing the best bird food types helps keep your winged friends cheerful and healthy. It’s even more effective in keeping their stomachs full. What is a bird food called? Bird foods are commonly known as bird … Read more

Pros and Cons of Owning Parakeets as Pets

Pros and Cons of Owning Parakeets as Pets

Advantages of owning a budgie There are so many reasons why we should love and adore a parakeet. Aside from their cute size and charming looks, they have natural actions and characteristics. They can make us want to bring home a parakeet the next day. When owning parakeets, the joy of their bright colors and … Read more

Blue Parakeets: Everything You Need to Know

Blue Parakeets - 5 Things To Know Before Getting One

A parakeet or budgie is a small bird type that originates from Australia. It has a Latin name that roughly means a songbird with wavy lines, which is an accurate representation of this well-known bird. There are more than 16 known types of parakeets and they are subdivided into two groups: blue and green. Typically, … Read more

Setting Up A Birdcage: A Complete Guide For Your Bird’s Home

Setting Up A Birdcage

The pet birds are widely known as a fun-social companions to keep. And yet all have the same basic requirements. As feathered animals, they are not particularly demanding, and enjoy even minor attentiveness. Nevertheless nothing but the best should be good enough for your pets. So, setting up the best birdcage for them would be … Read more

Parakeet Breeding Guide – How Do Parakeets Mate?

The parakeet population is widely increasing through the years. Parakeets will bred easily in the right conditions. Most pet bird owners are not that focused on breeding their winged pets for some reasons, probably because they lack enough information about this area. In this article, we will focus on how to breed budgies. So, let’s … Read more

Baby Parakeets: Caring Tips for Newborn Budgies

How to Care for New Born Baby Parakeets

For people who are first-timers in terms of keeping pet birds, the parakeets are easily recommended by experts. Aside from being intelligent, colorful, and fun-loving, taking care of them is relatively easy. However, their needs could change throughout their different life stages. This time, let us explore the things you need to know about caring … Read more