Gerbils Pros And Cons: Why Or Why Not Have Gerbil As A Pet? With Pics

When you consider having a pet gerbil, you will always be excited about what this adventure would bring into your daily lives. The purpose of this article is to give you the benefits and disadvantages of keeping gerbils as pets.

Pros Of Owning A Gerbil 

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The moment you bring a gerbil home means you are stepping to a commitment. Be confident enough that you will take good care of the gerbils. Health problems are unavoidable. Devote yourself to ensure that your gerbils will be back on track. Although gerbils have a deficiency, there are still numerous reasons to keep them. 

  1. Companionship
  2. Easy to handle
  3. No smell at all
  4. Better in groups

To further elaborate the discussion, here are some of the advantages of owning a gerbil.


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Gerbils make great companions, and they are overly attached to their owners. When they feel that they are receiving proper treatment from you, then they likely to spend most of their time with you. Although these gerbils may feel weak, they still manage to play and have a little conversation between you and them. 

Easy to handle

You can easily play with gerbils as they are easy to handle. Children in charge of gerbils need to execute a little time cleaning since these little guys can remain clean in general. 

No smell at all

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Some rodents have an unpleasant smell except for gerbils. These little creatures tend not to drink as much as other rodents do since they came from a dry environment. They also don’t produce much waste, so cleaning their house is so much easier. It doesn’t have to be often. 

Better in groups

If you like to have two or more gerbils, then it is beneficial for you. Gerbils can do well in squads. Whenever they have someone who can groom and take care of them, Gerbils are more likely to live longer. 

Cons Of Owning A Gerbil 

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Sadly, having gerbils are not all about rainbows and sunshine. There are storms and downsides that you might encounter. They also have turn-offs that they may show during the early stages of their life. They can do it without any warnings. Before jumping to conclusions that they are the right pet for you, here are the cons of owning a gerbil.

  1. Expensive cost maintenance
  2. Prone to diseases
  3. Less energetic
  4. Mood swings

To further elaborate the discussion, here are some of the disadvantages of owning a gerbil.

Expensive cost maintenance

Since you have a gerbil, it is required to go to the Vet for a check-up to see the improvement or if any findings could affect your gerbil’s health condition. These gerbils need alternative food supplements for their hair growth and faster recovery. So, yes, it may be too expensive to own a gerbil.

Prone to diseases

Gerbils are fragile. They only live for a short time because they are sensitive little creatures. If you have an environment where household insects are present, then it is delicate for gerbils. They need to have a safe place to recover. 

Less energetic

Hair gerbils can feel sudden weakness from time to time because of their health condition. Their movements are limited since they are too sensitive and need to take a rest.

Mood swings

Like humans, when we feel uncomfortable, it comes naturally. We do not know what to react. Gerbils can be aggressive towards you and their cage companions. You have to limit yourself touching your gerbil as they can also bite you if they feel irritated. Gerbil bites can be their

Final Thoughts

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There are not so many things to consider in deciding whether to get a pet gerbil or not. By looking at these pros and cons, we hope you find the balance in making the decision. Either way, you will still tend not to resist their cuteness and ultimately succumb to keeping them as pets. Be sure to check our other tips and advice for the best pet gerbils.

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