Baby Pugs: Comprehensive Answers to 25 Important Pug Questions

So you’ve got your brand new baby pug, and you have lots of questions about this lovely pup. You know for yourself that you need to take excellent care and love this puppy as much as it deserves. To do the right things, you need to get the answer to the most common questions about baby pugs.

Here are the essential questions we need to answer and discuss to give these cute little puppies the best.

  1. Are baby pugs hyper?
  2. Are pugs baby bulldogs?
  3. What are baby pugs called?
  4. Are baby pugs child-friendly?
  5. How small are baby pugs?
  6. Can baby pugs drink water?
  7. Do baby pugs sleep a lot?
  8. Do baby pugs breathe weirdly?
  9. Do baby pugs bite?
  10. Do baby pugs shed?
  11. Do baby pugs grow?
  12. What can baby pugs eat?
  13. How much do baby pugs cost?
  14. How long do baby pugs sleep?
  15. How big do baby pugs get?
  16. What do baby pugs eat?
  17. What do baby pugs look like?
  18. What do baby pugs need?
  19. What do baby pugs drink?
  20. What should baby pugs eat?
  21. When do baby pugs’ tails curl?
  22. Where do you buy baby pugs in the U.S.?
  23. Why do baby pugs shake?
  24. Why do baby pugs bite?
  25. Why do baby pugs?
important pug baby questions
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Quick Facts About Pugs

Other NamesChinese Pug
OriginChina (Ming dynasty)
TemperamentCharming, mischievous and loving
Energy LevelActive and Playful
Good with ChildrenBest with adult supervision
Good with Other DogsBetter with supervision
SheddingIn a regular manner
GroomingWeekly brushing
Height (Adult)10-13 inches
Weight (Adult)14-18 pounds
Life Expectancy13-15 years
Barking LevelBarks when necessary

Are baby pugs hyper?

Baby pugs are indeed hyperactive puppies. They can be acting with full energy while being aggressive at the same and it is natural. Generally, pugs are more likely to be calm as they age, especially when they turn two years old. They tend to have an abrupt release of hyper activities. It’s the typical behavior of puppies, especially pugs. They like to show their affection in a way they can release their energy. 

An extreme excitement is usually the cause of the hyper behavior of these cute dogs. Whenever they hear doorbell rings, you have visitors, they get so furious, and the next thing you will see is they start squealing, jumping, and running laps. It is indeed fun to watch. However, owners might be irritated about this, especially when they are doing something and these hyper-baby pugs try to interrupt. But do not worry, these will only take few minutes, and your baby pug will surely calm down after that.

What do baby pugs look like?

Baby pugs are adorable and friendly dogs. Their overall appearance is irresistible that makes you decide to have one the next day. At first glance, you can mistakenly identify them as the mini bulldog, and the first reaction would be fright as bulldogs are aggressive. But it is a bulldog. It is not a pug. 

A baby pug is a small barrel-shaped dog with short legs. They have a broad chest, and the girth increases as they mature. These little dogs are flat-faced. Their covered and folded ears in thin hair have overreach the eye level. Typically, it looks like a rose or button-shaped. Their eyes are round, large, and dark. 

Another distinguishing feature of a baby pug is its wrinkles deep all over his face and forehead. They have naturally curled tails that may have one or two loops. A black thumbprint visible on their forehead symbolizes good luck. 

Are pugs baby bulldogs?

It is not unusual to hear this when someone mistakenly called pugs baby bulldogs, and we cannot blame them. These two dogs share so many similarities in their appearance. These two dogs are well-known companions by dog lovers across the world. They are the two best pet dog breeds because of their lovable and active behavior. But, are they related to each other? and how come they look the same?

DNA testing has proven that pugs are not related to bulldogs. Though they have the same qualities, baby pugs are hailed from China, while bulldogs are from England. These two dogs have the same flat face with wrinkles and share the same stocky shape. The only thing that makes them look different is their size. Pugs are smaller than bulldogs. The good thing is that they are both engaging companion dogs to keep.

What are baby pugs called?

Since pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds of all time, no one can exactly tell where the name Pug originated. Some say it originates from the Latin pugnus fist since they resemble a human fist. They are also called pug monkeys. It is an endearment term used in marmosets when in the 18th century, they were often considered pets. 

When they have a Chihuahua and pug parents, they are called Chugs and Pughuahuas. The most common and acceptable name for them is mini pugs. Some may call them hybrid, designer dogs, and pocket pugs.

In the modern world, we call a baby pug puglet. They are also called Dutch bulldog, Mastiff, and Mini Mastiff because of their popularity in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 

Are baby pugs child-friendly?

Children can handle baby pugs because of their tender loving care attributes. These pups are also kid-friendly as they can’t harm them at all. Although dogs are known for loud barks, these puppiesare an exception, as they do not bark much. 

Baby pugs should live in social nature. They are generally playful and friendly. These cute little dogs are passive in all ways except when they get to feel sudden zoomies. They prefer to sleep through the day and night. 

Since they are friendly, they are not prone to bite people. But when they are in the hyperactive puberty phase, they might do play bites. So, be careful when they are still undergoing this stage. Even when they nip or bite, they are relatively soft and unharmful because of their flat face. 

How small are baby pugs?

Baby pugs weigh around 2-4 pounds. They are about Their eyes are full dark brown by now. They should now live without drinking their mother’s milk and be familiar with high-quality solid foods. 

It is possible to have a baby pug that is smaller than its average size. They are about 2.5 pounds at eight weeks, 4 lbs. at twelve weeks, 5 lbs. at four months. These are what we called a pocket pug. These pugs are described as very small that they can fit in a pocket. They tend to grow slowly. However, they can suddenly reach the standard size of a baby pug.

They can be adopted as early as eight weeks old. They develop enough to leave their mother pug. They can move into a new home where these babies should experience a warm welcome and love. 

Can baby pugs drink water?

Baby pugs still have to drink milk during the first phase of their life. They need it for faster development. At eight weeks old, they can drink water as an alternative for their mother’s milk. Baby pugs have a general guideline for water. A pug dog can only drink 1 cup or 0.24 liters for every 5 pounds or 2.25 kg. of body weight. If your puppy weighs 10 pounds or 4.45 kg, it can be allowed to drink 2 cups or 0.47 liters of water per day.

If you noticed your baby pug drinking water more often in your garden instead of their water bowl, use filtered water so that they can drink more. Filtered water is usually attached to your kitchen faucet. Avoid tap water as it contains high amounts of chlorine. It may be a reason why baby pug refuses to drink water from their bowl.

Do baby pugs sleep a lot?

Sleeping plays a vital role in body function. Without enough sleep, our body cannot give out full energy. Baby pugs sleep a lot, and when we say a lot, it means they sleep beyond the maximum hours of their normal sleep. They habitually do a power nap. 

Some baby pug owners are worried about how long these cute little dogs sleep. They often say that these pugs are spending too much time in the dreamland and inadequate time here in the real world. They are supposed to be awake and should play like normal dogs usually do. 

A baby pug can sleep between 10-14 hours a day. There’s no reason to worry because it is normal for pugs. However, exceeding the maximum of 14 hours may be something that requires a little attention. It may be insufficient exercise, obesity, boredom, a low-quality diet, or some illness but still curable. 

Do baby pugs breathe weirdly?

Loud breathing and panting sounds from baby pugs are expected but to an extent. Many pug owners are worried because of the weird sounds their puppies produce when breathing. They are starting to be concerned about it and tend to overthink that it has something to do with health problems. In reality, it’s because of how their snout and head are shaped. That’s why they tend to catch their breath almost every time.

However, it can also be a sign that your baby pug is stressed. In some cases, the elongated palate can be partially blocking the air they breathe. As a result, it can cause loud and disturbing breathing sounds. The narrow or closed nostrils can also cause the baby pug’s weird sound when breathing. It is advisable to contact your expert vets when this persists.

Do baby pugs bite?

So, do baby pugs bite? Yes, they can, as early as 4 to 6 weeks old. They start their inhibited bitting under the supervision of their mother together with their siblings. These only mean that these pups are developing their teeth. The stage teaches the baby pug to control the intensity of its bite. But still, the baby pug is referred to as a soft-mouthed dog. 

Baby pugs tend to give lots of biting because of their playful behavior, and of course, their teeth are beginning to show up. It will continually grow out as they develop. These little dogs can bite you with a little nip when they feel afraid or threatened.

Do baby pugs shed?

If you have a family member at home who has allergies, bringing home a pug is not advisable. Baby pugs do shed a lot. You will start to notice it when they turn three months old. They shed hair year-round, while some pugs have double coats who shed even more. 

You can find their hair everywhere, and it might be bad news for you if you like a clean wardrobe and furniture. They shed excessively. If we will rate how often they shed, it would probably be 10 out of 10. So, it is advisable to buy a vacuum cleaner as it is useful. Shedding too much is considered one of the cons of owning a baby pug.

Do baby pugs grow?

A baby pug can grow and reach its max size. They get to grow when they turn nine months old. They may continue to grow when they turn a year older. When you have a pug younger than nine months (baby pugs), they are still in the process of development. 

If you notice that their paws look big next to their legs and body, they are still growing. It is a natural feature for them, and it only shows that they need to grow big. A full-grown Pug can weigh between 14 and 18 pounds and stand about 10 to 13 inches tall.

What can baby pugs eat?

what baby pugs can eat

Baby pugs would eat anything that fits their mouths even though they are small toy breeds. This is why pet owners should be extra careful and not leave small stuff or toys lying around these puppies. When you are looking for food that suits your puppies’ diet, you must pick a specially formulated food. Look for the right food with essential quantities. They tend to reach adulthood faster than larger breeds.

These cute puppies need more calories per pound because of their metabolic rates. They can also benefit from dog foods as it contains all the nutrients suitable for your baby pug nutritious diet. 

Specialized dog foods can able to prevent their overweight issue. It is also convenient for them to eat dog food as they come into sizes that easily fit their mouths. 

How much do baby pugs cost?

When planning to own a baby pug, take note of the other expenses that go along with dog ownership. But before that, you have to know how much is the initial cost of purchasing a baby pug. The pug price can vary depending on their age. If you want a baby pug, it cost around USD 600-1,500.

If a pug has a superior lineage, expect it to be more expensive. Typically, it cost around $1,900 up to $6,000. It may cost too much, but as you go along, you will never experience regrets. It guarantees that it came from an excellent line. So, overall, it is worth it.

How long do baby pugs sleep?

When baby pugs turn three weeks old, they start to hear and see. Surprisingly, at that very young age, these two senses work well. It can be the start of the curiosity of your baby pug. Their interest in exploring and playing together with their siblings is what keeps them improving. But when finally adopted by their new pet owner, these habits will change.

They are not your typical dog, as they can sleep throughout the day. From the age of 3 weeks to 8 weeks, these puppies will sleep anywhere from 20 to 21 hours per day. You can see them sleeping anywhere in the corner of the house whenever they feel tired or sleepy. That what makes them so adorable. They look like sleeping toys. 

How big are baby pugs?

Male and female baby pugs grow in the same size. If you are looking in your pet growth and weight chart and notice that your baby pug failed to follow, do not worry. It is only an estimated number, and your pups may grow at a slightly different rate. 

Usually, they can weigh 15 pounds during their 6-8 months old. These are close to their full adult height that is 10 to 13 inches tall. 

If you see an obvious abnormality in their growth, take your baby pug to a veterinarian and have their health check. Take expert advice and give your pet puppy the best care for them. 

What do baby pugs eat? 

Baby pugs can eat different foods without getting any health problems. You can feed them raw meats, grains, and bones. When it comes to vegetables, they enjoy eating baby carrots. These veggies are essential for your baby pug’s teeth as it helps to keep the teeth healthy.

Raw green beans are also acceptable in their diet. They like them cooked sprinkled with salt. Other pugs prefer it raw. A boiled potato can be a great option since you do not have to spend lots of money because they pocket-friendly food. You can mix it with raw meats and shredded bones. 

To take into considerations, a baby pug should eat dry dog foods as it contains calories and fat that will be beneficial for their development and would not destroy their teeth. 

What do baby pugs need?

Just like other dogs, baby pugs have their needs too. The owner should be responsible for providing for their needs. These puppies are needy most of the time. You will find yourself reading books and articles to know how to take good care of these babies. Well, it is simple, you have to start by providing them a comfortable home. They do not require a cage as a shelter. You can set them free. But before you do, ensure that your house would not be the reason why they do not feel like it is their home. 

Giving your attention matters the most to them. Spend your spare time playing together. Training your baby pugs can make a good bonding for both of you. You must show that you are happy and glad around your pet so that they can return the constant love you are giving. 

Provide them a well-balanced nutritional diet. You can give dog foods that are essential for their development. Once every three weeks of grooming will do. Clean their wrinkles and eyes daily, brush their coat every 1 to 3 days, clean their ears, have paw care for every two weeks, and trim their nails every six weeks. 

Visit the vet for wellness checks every twice a year. It is essential to know the health condition of your baby pug. If there is a possible problem detected, you can prevent it as early as possible because of the prevention. 

What do baby pugs drink?

If you have to bottle feed your baby pug, you need to give your puppy specially formulated milk, but not cow milk. Cow milk is not essential for their diet, and they can live without it and should not consume any dairy products.

Baby pugs may drink milk and water. There are alternative milk products that can replace their mother’s milk and can help your pups to continuously nourish. These kinds of milk are Pet Ag Esbilac and PetLac. Never give them goat, cow, and human milk. Give your baby pug filtered water to ensure that it is not contaminated and free from chlorines.

What should baby pugs eat?

Baby pugs should be fed with specialized dog foods. Since they are still juveniles, human foods are not advisable because they may contain toxins that are not good for these babies. As much as possible, you need to feed them with dog foods for now. 

Choose the food that supports skin and digestive health as the pug grows. It usually contains prebiotics, antioxidants, and balanced nutrition. There are many highly recommended foods for them that are easy to digest. Some of them even contain a mix of protein-rich chicken, wholesome grains, veggies, and fruit. 

When do baby pugs’ tails curl?

Baby pugs will develop their natural curls within the first few weeks of their life. So, if you think they are born with curly tails, you are wrong. At seven weeks old, they start to wag their tails. When your puppies turn two months or older, you can now see how perfect their curled tail is. If you cannot see any difference, it is advisable to go to the vet and ask why it is still not visible in your baby pug. 

Where to buy baby pugs in the U.S.?

In the United States, experts do not recommend people to buy baby pugs in pet stores. It has been rumored that they get them from puppy mills, a commercial dog breeding facility keeping dogs in unsafe conditions. There are nearly 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. They are just after money because if they care about those little puppies, they should keep them in a safe place and not use them for cruelty. 

So, better check online rescue websites for pugs. Websites such as,, are all accredited websites and organizations that aim to provide a pug a new home that will serve as their comfort zone. 

You can also check American Kennel Club. They have certified AKC pug puppies from AKC-Registered breeders. 

Why do baby pugs shake?

Baby pugs shaking may not be alarming. However, we cannot help but think that they might be needing our help because they are not comfortable. There are some reasons why they are acting that way. Maybe your pug is feeling cold in their place. Another reason is due to excitement. They are just happy to see you, and they need your full attention while they are shaking. How about they feel stress and afraid? They can develop intense emotions, and they are still fragile for this to experience. It can be an indication that they are experiencing pain or suffering from an illness.

Why do baby pugs bite?

When baby pugs enjoy biting, it is normal. They are currently in a teething phase where you will notice your baby pug biting the most. However, some of them would bite their handlers because of frustrations. These cute little dogs tend to throw tantrums with you, and it happens when you are doing something they do not like. 

They can bite you while playing. For them, playing and nipping are the same. However, you should draw a line between these two habits. Train them to play without using their mouth. 

Why do baby pugs cry?

There will be some time when your baby pug starts crying out of a sudden. You have to check why and feel sorry about how they react. If you find your baby pug playing and all of a sudden cry, their toy maybe rolled under the coach or someone took it. Baby pugs hate sharing. You need to take note of that. When you notice that they are crying while eating, they can be experiencing signs of a bad tooth, tonsillitis, swollen throat, and gum disease. 

When your baby pug starts to experience anxiety, they tend to cry and bark the whole day. So, do not abandoned nor leave them for many days because when they do not see you regularly, your baby pug will find you. However, it is still acceptable as these baby pugs are still in the process of personality development.

Pugs make the good things better and the bad things not so bad.


Cool Facts We Know About Pugs 

Do you know that people treat pugs like royalty in some places in the world? In China, the emperors kept them as lapdogs. They ensure that their dogs get to experience all the luxuries in royal life. They have maids that pamper them, and they get to live in their little palace with guards.

For companionship, pugs are always at their best. They are excellent pets due to their adaptable personality. They can do well in indoor and outdoor activities with you. They are ready for anything as long as you are with them. Their owner side is their favorite place to stay.

These dogs have perfect pug tails with two curls. They can show so much elegance and that you may think they are perfection.

But somehow, these pugs can also be trained and used by the military as tracking dogs. They can also serve as guard dogs. Yes, they can be the best of both worlds. These dogs can be cute and dominant at the same time. 


Baby pugs love to be always with their owner. These cute puppies are proven to be highly sensitive and will not appreciate being left alone for long hours. Sometimes, they can be stubborn because they like to play more than to do the training. But their qualities in totality show that they are affectionate and adorable little dogs that can get along so well with their owners.

They tend to be the canine world’s clowns because pugs possess a great sense of humor. They like to show off in crowds as clowns do. Baby pugs may be the breed for you if you’re looking for an easy-going and funny companion. Just always remember to give them love and excellent care as they also possess the most precious faces of the dog world.

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