How To Take Care Of Your Pug During Hot Summer Days

A pug is a favorite pet for many people. Playing with them, feeding, and caring for them is absolute bliss. The pug, too, has a life, like every human, and therefore, we should treat them with utmost care.

Unfortunately, most pet owners have no idea how to care for their pet pugs in the summer season. The scorching heat of the summer season can have potential impacts on them.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Let’s see how to take care of a pug during the summer season.

Set up a chilled atmosphere

Maintain a colder and refreshing temperature inside your home by using fans, turbo coolers, and air conditioners to provide a safe abode for the pugs to rest comfortably and escape from the hot sun.

Arrange a comfortable cushion or place for them to sleep, as the floor tiles will be hot with the sunlight hitting them directly.

Keep doors and windows closed while using fans and air conditioners to prevent the entry of heat.

Give them good amount of water

The summer season can drain the pugs of water content and make them dehydrated. Give them lots of fresh water and keep them re-hydrated.

You can use a bowl or a bottle to give them water while inside the kernel or in the house.

If the pug refuses to drink water, you can make the process more entertaining by playing with them, giving them ice lollies, or adding sweetening agents or flavors to their drinking water.

A general amount is 4-8 ounce water for a pug with 45-55 lbs. However, please do not feed them with excess water as it can lead to water intoxication and thereby reduced sodium levels.

Maintain your pug’s weight

Overweight pugs find it difficult to adjust to warm weather and are commonly seen with Bulldogs, Frenchies, Pug Corgis, etc.

They may face breathing difficulties and excessive heat. Always maintain their weight with proper exercise.

The veterinary doctor can guide you in preparing a diet plan for the pug and about the amount of food.

Supply them with refreshing and shaded spots

The paws and stomach are pretty vulnerable to heat, and therefore, we should try to retain the cold. Use wet towels so that they can lie upon them.

Soak the towel entirely in water and lay it on the floor. Your pug will have a breezy abode to rest. Once it dries, soak again and repeat this.

Moreover, you can invest in portable cooling mats, which are available in the market. If your pug is a highly active one and would love to play and roam around, allow them to rest under the tree shades.

Another way is to use portable shades, patio umbrellas, canopies, etc., in the garden, so your companion enjoys a cooling effect. All of them are available in the market.

Bathe them at regular intervals

Bathing them with a garden sprinkler can help them refresh. Set up a sprinkler in the garden or a pool. A large tub filled with water will also do.

Remember to supervise your furry friends while they are swimming in the pool or tub. Another option is a foldable pool for the pug, which is easy to install and maintain.

Fill the pool regularly with cool water and make sure it is compatible with the size of your pug.

Avoid walks in the heat

Try to fix the walking sessions in the early morning or the evening, when the atmosphere is cold. Elevator ground heat can burn their paws.

Check whether the pavements are hot by placing your hand on them for 10 seconds. If you can’t hold to it, please don’t let your pug walk over it.

Tiles, pavements, and artificial grasses can have temperatures up to 52℃ in the summer seasons.

Use sun-creams suitable for pugs

The summer season can impact the pets with sun-strokes. Apply pug-friendly sun-creams on the lip, nose, ear, belly, etc., while they are under the sun.

First, spray it on your hands and rub them in specific locations. Consult a professional veterinary doctor before choosing a sunscreen.

An example is an Epi-pet sunscreen, which the FDA approves. In addition, UPF sun-blocking clothes are available for purchase. Opt for those with the highest UPF rating.

Do not leave the pug in a parked car

Leaving your baby pug in a parked car is extremely dangerous. The temperature can rise to 43℃ after 10 minutes on a sunny day. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 54℃.

Another rise in the heat can cause heatstroke for your pug. Even humans cannot survive these temperatures. Imagine the plight of the pug. If you see a pug in a closed car, call the police for advice.


A pug is an organism, too, and we should give necessary consideration to their lives and comfort. We hope that now you know how to take care of your pug during the summer season.

Follow the above steps and keep your pug healthy!

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How To Take Care Of Your Pug During Hot Summer Days
A pug is a favorite pet for many people. Playing with them, feeding, and caring for them is absolute bliss. The pug, too, has a life, like every human, and therefore, we should treat them with utmost care.
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