Corgi Pug Dog Mix Breed Information and Pictures

Pug Corgis

Most certainly, you already know the Corgi and the Pug dog breeds, but have you imagined the puppies they will produce if their breeds mixed? Nowadays, people would go crazy about adopting dogs. They make sure that they have researched to find out the most popular breed as of today. These mixed breeds have genuine … Read more

Mongolian Gerbils: Keeping and Caring for Pet Gerbils

the mongolian gerbil

Mongolian Gerbils are small rodents in the subfamily Gerbillinae. They are from grassland, shrubland, and desert in Mongolia and the Russian Federation. The size is typically 110–135mm, with a 95–120mm tail and bodyweight 60–130g. The male Mongolian Gerbils are larger than the females. They are one of the most commonly known pets for households. Through proper care, … Read more

Gerbil Bites: How to Stop a Gerbil Biting

Gerbil Bites and How to Stop a Gerbil Biting

The gerbil’s appearance can be deceiving, and you probably forgot to conduct a little research about the cons of keeping them. Some owners listed biting as an annoying thing about them, but others would see it as a natural behavior of a stressed or triggered creature. The question is, are gerbil bites painful or bearable? … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Cheese? Nutrition, Health Benefits, Side Effects, other Facts

gerbils wants cheese

Aside from dogs and cats, there is a tiny, cute, and adorable creature called “gerbils” that can easily become one of your favorite pets.  Almost anyone who gets to see them would want to take them home and care for them. Their endearing characteristics, entertaining personalities, high energy, and cute voices make them one of … Read more

Arapaima Gigas As Pets? Facts, Lifespan, Diet, Care Info, with Pictures

arapaima gigas

An arapaima gigas is one of the many forgotten water species that still exist today. Most people haven’t heard anything about them for several years now. They are the so-called dinosaur fish. But don’t get me wrong, they never actually lived during the Jurassic times. It is just that they have somewhat similar features as … Read more

Axolotl Regeneration: How Does This Fascinating Phenomenon Work?

axolotl regeneration answers

Regeneration is an essential part of an axolotl’s life. The ability to replace old and damaged cells in all organ systems is vital for tissue homeostasis and survival of their body. This enables them to repair body tissues when injuries occur. In fact, the capacity to regenerate more complex structures, such as limbs, is highly … Read more