Baby Husky: Best Answers to 23 Essential Questions About Husky Puppies

Did you just have your newborn Siberian husky? Surely, you want to know the answers to a lot of your queries about these cute furry babies. In this article, we will discuss 23 questions that will help you know more about your baby husky.

So, here are some of the common questions about these puppies.

What Is A Baby Husky?

A baby husky is an offspring of famous sled dogs in polar regions. You may see it playing mischievously, and that is normal. They are smart and an excellent problem solver. They are experts in escaping through digging and climbing over obstacles just to be where they want.

These baby huskies like to be around other kinds of dogs and humans. But do not get me wrong, once they feel threatened, they can viciously attack you. But this situation is quite rare in a pet husky. They only tend to be dangerous in the wild. While in the household, they are the sweetest and the gentlest huskies.

Adopting a baby husky is your personal choice that requires extensive research. Being a dog owner is a long-term commitment.

You are stepping into a new phase of your life where responsibility is your main principle, not just for personal, career, and educational matters but also in ensuring a healthy life for your pet husky.

Is A Baby Husky Good Pet?

Baby huskies are friendly, active, and gentle breed dogs. They require the best proper care from their owner. They are playful to whoever handles them. If you are looking for a dog companion, baby huskies are the right pet for you. You can exercise, run, hike, bike, and even camp with these dogs.

They are great pets for households with children. However, just like other dogs, baby huskies should be supervised when around children. They tend to be extremely active because they have lots of stamina to play around the corner.

Baby huskies do not show their aggressiveness with other dogs or people. But when they do, they see something that they do not like. Proper training for baby huskies is advisable as these huskies are independent and smart. They are talented if trained professionally.

What Is A Baby Husky Called?

So, how do you call a baby husky? You may actually call them “Alaskan Klee Kai” or miniature HuskiesBaby huskies are known as working dogs because they show athletic power. Some huskies serve as guard dogs in the military.

They are trained well and can possess military qualities any time of the day during their duty. The dominance is always present whenever you see a husky in the wild. So, be careful around them as they might do something awful to you.

These huskies are also known as sled dogs. They are one of the most remarkable breeds because of their fast ability to learn. Baby huskies are trainable, but it is not easy as these dogs are independent in many ways.

Can Baby Huskies Get Cold?

How much cold temperature can baby huskies tolerate? In the winter season, baby huskies can only tolerate -25 degrees Celsius. In summer, an average of 10-15 degrees Celsius will do. If you want to take out your baby husky during winter, be extra careful about letting them play in the snow, or better wait until their coats become thick to provide adequate protection.

There are thousands of pictures of baby husky walking in the snow. It gives us the assumption that they can bear cold weather. Yes, they do, and they love it.

But unfortunately, baby huskies are still not capable of withstanding cold temperatures because their coats are not yet fully developed since they are still juveniles.

Why Do Baby Huskies Like The Cold?

The reason why huskies love cold weather is because of the dense double-coat that allows them to bear the cold temperature. The first layer acts as insulation to keep the body temperature warm. The second layer prevents the snow from sticking from the huskies.

Typically, baby huskies enjoy playing in the snow. They are satisfied lying down in the soft white and icy snow. They get so excited whenever they are walking and racing with you in the snow. They are indeed born to walk in ice.

What Does A Baby Husky Look Like?

Baby husky is indeed one of the cutest creatures you will ever see. Their fluffiness will melt your heart. Since they are famous everywhere, people can easily recognize them for their distinctive features among the other breeds.

You can be lost in their eyes as they are strikingly attractive. It is the reason why many people prefer to adopt these cute little huskies over other well-known dog breeds.

This furry baby has a rounded face with small ears. They are usually white in color blended with black, brown, gray, or tan. These colors are visible at an early age and tend to be more dominant as they mature.

Their eyes can be blue, brown and can be a combination of both colors. They tend to shed excessively, especially in the spring and fall seasons. Baby pugs have only a soft single coat, while adult huskies have double coats with medium-length hair. These two coats serve as their protection from cold and hot climates.

How Much Are Baby Husky Dogs?

Fortunately, you can now adopt a baby husky at a lower cost than buying one from a breeder. The average price of adopting a baby husky is around USD 300. Huskies from breeders tend to be more expensive. It usually costs USD 600 to 1,500.

Huskies bred for entertainment cost a few thousand dollars. They are a lot more expensive because these baby huskies are well-trained by a professional dog trainer.

Where Can I Buy Baby Huskies?

It is now convenient for everyone who wishes to buy a baby husky because they are available online. Sites like and AKC Marketplace are becoming trending nowadays. On their websites, there are images of a husky puppy posted online. They let people choose which state and what baby husky to buy.

Another option is through husky shelters and rescues. These are organizations that are focused on finding great homes for their baby huskies. They are more reliable than the local pet stores around you.

Some local pet stores get their animals in cruelty. They are bad practices of humankind. They forcibly and cruelly get animals. In contrast, the only objectives of animal rescues are to protect animals.

Can Baby Huskies Drink Milk?

Should you give milk to your baby husky? The direct answer is a big NO. These puppies should not drink milk simply because they are lactose intolerant. Milk can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and obesity. It may happen when overly consumed by your baby husky. Therefore, milk should not be part of your baby husky’s diet.

Additionally, cow and goat milks are not for your husky puppy as well. However, there are alternative products that are acceptable in their diet like lactose-free milk, soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. These are the best option as a milk replacement for them.

There are many times that we see a puppy drinking their milk in their water bowl. We find it adorable every time we see them drinking their milk. But did you know that husky puppies should avoid milk? What makes them an exception in other dogs not to drink milk? Now, I hope you find the answer to these questions.

What Can A Baby Husky Eat?

A baby husky has some special food requirements too. They need the most nutritional foods that are essential for their growth and development. Aside from the dog foods, natural raw food diet can also be an ideal option for your puppy’s balanced diet.

Most dog owners prefer this diet because they are healthier and more sustainable for the dog. The only cons that in natural raw food diet are it is more expensive and harder to prepare. Not all fruits and vegetables are easy to digest by these baby huskies. Asparagus, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, and bell peppers are essential vegetables to sustain a vital immune system and a healthy body.

For fruits, apricots, bananas, apples, blackberries, and cantaloupe are advisable for baby huskies. These fruits contain proteins, carbs, potassium, vitamins, and good fats.

How Do You Train A Baby Husky?

A husky puppy is trainable, but everyone who handles these huskies will admit that they are not the easiest to train. These huskies required positive reinforcement and patience. At a very young age, they should be engaging in obedience training. Take it slow and easy by teaching your husky puppy the basics. You can teach them their name and the basic commands such as sit, stay, or lay down.

While training them, prepare a reward to lighten up your husky’s mood. It will also encourage your baby husky to practice even more. Prizes can be toys or food treats. Keep the training short and always reward and praise their responsive behavior.

Another thing that you need to do is to demonstrate good leadership. Be considerate in your husky’s behavior and observe its adjustments while they are training. Your leadership should not all about you dominating your dog. It should be about establishing boundaries and showing that you are most concerned about what they would be under your positive supervision.

Does A Baby Husky Bite?

Huskies do bite, especially young ones. They are likely to be eager to discover what are their capabilities. One of these includes biting. Baby husky tends to bite at all times whenever they want to. If you have a child at home, you will have sort of problems owning a husky puppy.

Fortunately, at around five months, your husky can control the pressure they exert whenever they bite. As early as possible, teach your baby husky bite inhibition. They would learn a lot from this practice as it shows the things they are allowed to bite and what are not. Provide a toy as a symbol that it is the thing they could only bite.

How To Stop Baby Husky From Biting?

You can train your husky puppy by teaching them what to avoid. They would positively respond to the practice if your supervision is strong enough. You can say STOP when your puppy bites something inappropriate. You are allowed to raise your voice louder than your usual tone. With this, your puppy will be distracted and look at what he is biting.

Teach them what NO means. Spend your spare time teaching them that what they are doing is inappropriate. Once you taught them what NO means, your baby husky will establish a mental link between the word NO and their behavior that you do not like. This method is functional as more and more baby husky becomes disciplined whenever they hear the word NO.

Once your baby husky turns their attention in biting and chewing their toy, you need to praise them. In that case, it would know that what they are currently chewing is allowed.

What Do Baby Huskies Eat?

A husky pup should get most of its nutrition from its mother’s milk, especially in the neonatal stage. You can feed them minced proteins like beef. But before you change their diet, consult your vet first for their expert advice.

Your baby husky’s veterinarian will recommend a limited ingredient diet. It can be a food formulated for your baby husky’s sensitive stomach. At a young age, they should be given appropriate food for their strict and well-balanced diet.

Dry kibble and canned wet or load food offer a nutritional variety while supplementing water intake. These essential foods can help your baby husky to be familiar with different tastes and food textures.

Always take note that this furry baby should drink plenty of fresh water and should not be dehydrated.

Are Baby Huskies Dangerous To Babies?

Baby Huskies are loving, affectionate, and family-oriented dogs. Despite these positive attributes, we should implement proper caution. If you have a baby at home, you should think twice before bringing a husky puppy home.

It’s still possible to have a baby husky even though you have a baby at home. However, you should apply supervision to your furry dog baby. It is risky to have them both in one room. So, it is much better to keep your baby away from the husky. Never put your full trust in your puppy as they can be sweet and caring one time, and the next time you’ll see them, they are aggressive.

No matter how long you have your baby husky, they are still unpredictable. We don’t know what they can do. Be careful in dealing with a husky and be extra alert if you have them both.

Are Baby Huskies Easy To Train?

The moment you decided to get a husky is the time you have to deal with training them. Dogs are trainable. However, some breeds are untrainable. As early as their age, teach your baby husky. We often hear that husky are hard to train. Yes, they are if you have poor training practices.

Baby husky is known to be independent and athletic. They are trainable with the right training approach. You have to exert your time and effort in dealing with their training practices. Once they accomplished the training and you can see that it has improved, they can behave well and follow your commands instantly.

As an owner, you should adjust to their training method. Do not train them by force. Give time and space for them to cope up with the new training routine.

Do Baby Huskies Shed?

A baby husky can deal with the coldest environment. They have a double coat that protects them from freezing. It is called an inner and outer coat. The inner one serves to keep them warm as the thick layer is close to the skin, while the outer one is a shield against the wind and even heat.

Husky puppies have no real guard hairs. However, they have a soft fuzzy undercoat. When a baby husky reaches 10 and 14 months, a complete shed losing its soft fur will happen. After that, a full adult coat will serve as a replacement.

Their shedding is known as blowing their undercoat. These adorable huskies can shed year-round or at least twice a year due to seasonal changes, and it will take three to five weeks.

Can Baby Huskies Be Left Alone?

Holiday trips, going out, and business travels are unavoidable. Some pet owners experience this. They have no choice but to leave their baby husky at home since some establishments do not allow dogs. If you have a baby husky, they will negatively react to this situation.

So, is a husky okay being alone? The answer is a big No. They should not be left alone for many days, even long hours. These babies can experience sudden separation anxiety or distress. They like to be in the company of your family, especially with you. Because of their attention-needy personality, baby huskies are good at developing a close relationship with humans.

If you like to travel and you are a busy person at work, then baby husky might not be the one for you. They don’t do well when left alone.

At What Age Do Huskies Calm Down?

Baby huskies can calm down between six to twelve months. Still, they remain high in energy in their two or three-year mark when they stop growing. They will only calm down once they reach adulthood. So, if you are planning to bring home a baby husky, you must take note that even when they reach adulthood, they can still be hyper.

Puppies from any breed are more likely to show lots of energy in the early stages of their life. If you have class breeds like a baby husky, you must know that these puppies are energetic. Their energy level tends to intensify even longer in their puppyhood.

What Is A Baby Husky’s Favorite Food?

A baby husky’s favorite foods are also their occasional treats. Whenever you feed them their treats, they start to get excited, and you can feel how happy they are. These treats are alternative foods that add additional nutrients to their development.

All-natural pork ears are a source of protein. Your baby husky would love to eat this all day long as it is an alternative to rawhide bones. Dental chews are baby husky’s favorite too. Those clean and white pearl white bones contain low-calorie and grain-free packed with vitamins and minerals.

Turkey biscuits are perfect for these baby husky’s training. They are fun-sized and easy to break into smaller pieces. With that, it can be an ideal option for how obedient they can be. A frozen watermelon bite is an essential food treat for the summer season. They are called “pupsicle”, and it contains low-calorie, full of fiber with Vitamin B6, and potassium. Before putting it in the freezer, remove the seeds first. Make sure that your baby husky won’t chew the rind.

Can Baby Huskies Eat Banana?

Is it common to see a baby husky enjoying his banana meal? Yes, it may happen. Baby huskies can eat them moderately. As we all know, bananas are rich in potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamins C, B6, and E. It is all essential nutrients for their growth and development.

However, feeding this puppy too much banana has its consequences. The only problem that we see in bananas for a baby husky is it contains sugar. It can be a cause of gastrointestinal issues, obesity, and diabetes. It also has high fiber that can lead to constipation, and bananas are difficult to digest by these babies. It is advisable to cut the bananas into small portions before giving them to the puppy. Instead of feeding them bananas daily, make it as their occasional treat.

Can Baby Huskies Eat Eggs?

Baby huskies can eat eggs as it is a source of protein. It can be a great addition to your husky’s body nutrients. However, eggs have its risk like all foods. When serving eggs to your baby husky, do not season it with any spices or seasonings. Serving them scrambled or hard-boiled eggs can destroy or alter the nutrients.

Surely, they can enjoy eating the cooked eggs, but the health benefits won’t be there. So, it is much better to feed them small portions of raw eggs. Too much raw egg will expose them to salmonella and E. Coli that can cause food poisoning.

If your husky pup has a rare disease like pancreatitis or diabetes, do not feed them eggs. You can consult with a veterinarian for such dietary concerns. Eggs are okay for your baby husky but do not give them daily. Three times a week will do.

Why Does A Baby Husky Cry?

Baby husky is sensitive since they are still juveniles. When they get ill or injured, they will cry. They will start to show signs such as feeling fatigued or starts vomiting. If this happens, the best option would be to take it to a vet. Another reason they cry is because of their emotions. Your puppy may be seeing something in its environment that it doesn’t like. So, they will start to get emotional because they feel afraid.

Baby husky will get so excited whenever they see you. If you leave them for long hours or not paying attention, they will start to long for your presence, and if they fail to, they will cry. They need affection more than anything. When the pup is hungry, they tend to get sad and start crying. They will only stop once you feed them.

Husky-type dogs originally were dog landraces kept by the Arctic indigenous peoples.

Little Wolf, Stephanie. “A Deeper History of the Origins of The Alaskan Husky”.
training baby huskies

Baby Husky Mix

Huskies are some of the most famous dogs across the world. They are part of the designer dog movement in the United States and other countries. They are beautiful and irresistible creatures with striking eyes. These cute furry pets are attractive to many people, and everyone would love to have this little furry dog.

Finding a husky mix is fun. You’ll get to choose what breed your family would love. In an animal rescue group or organization, you can find plenty of husky mixes. For faster access, you can use the internet to search for a different breed.

Husky mixes have the advantage of reducing the chance of genetic issues. Your dog is more likely to live longer than the two parents’ breeds.

Final Thoughts

Preparing to be dog parents to your husky puppies is a great responsibility to take. Therefore, it requires a lot of effort and time to give the best life for your pet. Enjoy the time that you have while it lasts, and always remember to put the best interest of your baby husky a priority.

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