Can Mini Pigs Eat Eggs? Keep In Mind Your Pet’s Health Condition

Mini pigs aren’t picky eaters. They are so “omnivore” they would likely eat whatever may come their way. In planning for your mini pig’s diet, you need to include food rich in protein and vitamins. Perhaps grains, vegetables, or maybe an egg?

A study claims that eggs are one of the most nutritional food that ever existed – (Source). They are essential for both humans and slightly moderate to animals. There are foods that we can’t take, but animals can. There are foods that animals can’t consume, but we humans can. Eggs are one of the particular foods for both.

A balanced diet for a tiny pig is the reason why they are in their ideal weight. If you think these piggies are becoming heavier each day, probably, they exceeded the 12% protein of their diet. An egg a day makes them overweight as it contains high-fat cholesterols unnecessary for your piglets.

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Can Your Pet Pig Eat Eggs?

Do you wonder if you can feed eggs to your pet pig? Mini pigs can definitely eat eggs. It is a protein-rich food that is safe to be consumed by these cute pets. Eggs provide healthy nutrients to your pet’s overall health. However, you need to know the precautions when feeding eggs to your piglets. There are still eggs that are not safe for pigs to consume as these little pigs are more sensitive than the typical pigs you can see at the farm.

They are a special breed of pigs, and it only means you have to know the complete information about feeding eggs to them. Feeding eggs is a great way to utilize their other essential needs for growth and development.

To know more about eggs in the mini pig’s diet, consult a veterinarian. They will give the full details about the egg nutrients, the advantage, the frequency, and how much egg they need to consume? It is advisable to do this consultation before you buy a mini pig.

When planning to adopt a pet, it is a general principle to research the nutrition they need. Vet recommends 12% of proteins in their diet. Is it necessary to give them eggs as the number one source of proteins? or should they stick with a traditional teacup pig pellet?

Egg Nutrients

Eggs are ultimately healthy for mini pigs. However, it would help if you feed them in moderation. Eggs contain lots of essential vitamins and nutrients to support these little pigs to their health and wellbeing.

It contains protein, potassium, and calcium along with antioxidants like Vitamin A and C. You can also feed eggshells to your healthy mini pigs.

You have to make sure that the eggshells can be broken up into small pieces to avoid unexpected pain and ensure safety purposes. It has high amounts of calcium with small amounts of selenium and magnesium. Calcium is for bone growth that makes a great addition to your pet pig’s diet.      

Eggs have the following nutrients essential for your pet:

  • 6% Vitamin A,
  • 9% Phosphorus,
  • 15% Vitamin B2,
  • 9% Vitamin B12,
  • 7% Vitamin B5,
  • 5% Folate, and
  • 22% Selenium.
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Vitamin D,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Vitamin K,
  • and Zinc.

Eggs are functional to make all sorts of tissues and molecules for functional and structural matters. Protein in the micro pig’s diet is essential, proven by researchers observing these adorable pig’s required diet.

Protein is the source of these piglet’s growth performance. It has also been proven that these eggs have other beneficial components like IgY, which is an IgG-like antibody, and you can only find them in egg yolk.

How Many Eggs Should I Feed To My Mini Pig?

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If your mini pig has fully grown and reaches 150 lbs., you can feed ten eggs in a day. However, if they are still juveniles, you can prepare 3-5 eggs at a time. When your micro pig is used to eating pellets, it may take time to change its diet.

However, you can mix it with cracked eggs or cooked eggs or feed vegetables and eggs at the same time for a well-balanced diet. It is not necessary to force your pet pig to change their diets.

Take it one at a time and observe discipline when feeding eggs to them. You have to remember that it is only an alternative for some protein foods and should not be part of their daily diet.

How Often Should They Eat Eggs?

Since your mini pig should not consume eggs daily, you have to consider feeding them on fair terms. Your mini piglet should avoid high saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol which are a big NO for their proper diet. That is why experts recommend feeding them eggs once or twice a week. There are other varieties of nutritional foods that you can rely on aside from eggs. Eggs may contain high nutritional content, but the high risk of having the cardiovascular disease for your mini pig is always there to strike any time of the day if intake daily.

To avoid such health problems, feed them once or twice a week with a mixed variety of their favorite food. It can be a raw or cooked egg, and with or without a shell except for rotten eggs. Mini pig loves to taste different flavors and textures. For the first day, you can give them cooked eggs. The other day would be raw. It is useful to observe and have a little experiment on feeding them eggs. If they find eggshells tasty, they can have it twice a week, and if they do not like raw eggs, replace it with eggshells or mixed the raw egg with other varieties of their favorite treats.

Effect Of Overeating Eggs For Mini Pigs

So, what happens when your mini pig consumed too many eggs? An egg gives your piggies a high amount of proteins essential for these pig’s growth and development. However, eating eggs every day is not advisable as it contains cholesterol that can make them overweight and expose them to high-risk heart disease. Eggs can also block blood flowing through their arteries.

According to a study, the effects of cholesterol and eggs in a diet are more likely to be dangerous to mini pigs. As a result, they do not recommend cholesterol in the everyday diet for these little piggies.

Eggs should not be the leading food for a mini pig’s diet. Just because it is for humans, it doesn’t mean eggs are also for mini pigs. Eggs should only be an alternative food for vegetables as it carries potential health problems.

You can ignore it at first, but once you find your piggies weak, uncomfortable, and having difficulty moving around just like how they used to be, then something is wrong with them. The vet will immediately find out about their everyday-egg diet. Close monitoring will be applied and see if it affects the most affected part, the little pig’s circulatory system.

Importance Of Balanced Diet

When you have a mini pig companion, you have to ensure giving them not just proper care but also a well-balanced diet. It is easy to say that you are feeding your pet regularly. However, you need to know if their diet contains enough vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your mini pig Consulting a vet or conducting research is a must, especially when you have these piglets. They are sensitive to their environment and need supervision with a strict but balanced diet. The goal with tiny pigs is to achieve a healthy balance of a nutritional-pelleted diet along with a variety of vegetables. It will keep their system in good condition while satisfying their never-ending hunger.

Since these teacup pigs are omnivores, their meal should come from a variety of food sources. Although they need to try different tastes or flavors to satisfy their cravings, you still need to consider balancing their diet in a day or even a week. Meal planning is essential for these piggies. List down or plan their meal ahead of time. You have to remember that they are not typical pigs. They are a small breed that needs extra awareness when it comes to their proper diet. Avoid being careless, as it can result in serious health problems, and why your teacup pig’s life would cut short.

Final Thoughts: Mini Pigs Can Eat Eggs

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Eggs are only healthy when fed in moderation. Although eggs are a great source of nutrients, they should never be your pet pig’s daily diet. Like other animals, domesticated or not, mini pigs need a balanced diet.

  • Prioritize their diet more than anything as it can determine if your mini pig is in a stable and healthy condition, or they have problems continuously occurring as they grow.
  • As we all know, eggs contain lots of nutrients for humans, but tiny pigs are an exception.
  • You can boil the eggs and feed them whole, mash, or deshelled. Mashing the eggs makes it easier to eat and digest.

Eggs are only necessary when these teacup pigs refused to eat vegetables. As a result, it is an alternative for any protein foods.

That is why mini pigs should only consume eggs once or twice a week.

Mini pigs also love cooked eggs. Just make sure that you cool it down before you give them to your pet. Eggs won’t harm your dearest pig’s health unless you let it happen. As the owner, you are responsible for what will happen to your piggy.

Your actions reflect on how you want to keep your little pet piglet healthy. To be always sure, you have to check all the nutritional content of the food and ensure your mini pig will have enough nutrients for the day.

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