Can Mini Pigs Eat Oranges? Know Your Pig More

Your mini pig can get lots of beneficial nutrients from different types of fruits, especially oranges. However, eating the orange you thought has nothing to do with any disease or illness can collect a few risks that can harm your mini pig.

When you have a mini pig at home, you will never have a doubt feeding orange to your cute little pet. Mainly because you think orange is a perfect food since it is known as a fruit. No one can deny the fact that these fruits are nutritious. It offers the same nutrients to pigs to help them to stay healthy as they grow. 

So, exclude your mini pig from those animals that are allowed to eat oranges every day. If orange has its downsides, how did an expert conclude that orange is an ideal fruit for a mini pig?

Can Mini Pigs Eat Oranges? 

Mini pigs can eat oranges. More than just the taste, orange is beneficial for your pet as it is rich in vitamins that keep these cute animals healthy. The experts classified oranges as a sweet treat for these piggies as these fruits are tasty for pigs. However, feeding oranges has certain limitations.

Its citrus isn’t that bad. Mini pigs are just a bit of a hassle as you have to peel off the whole skin and the rinds. But it only happens when they are not comfortable eating the orange. Remove the peels, and cut them into smaller pieces. 

As a pet owner, you tend to be curious about everything they eat. Mini pigs are not the typical pigs we see on the farm. They are special-small breeds of pigs. More than anything, they need foods that can fall under their diet requirement to ensure that they are becoming healthy as they get to grow.

You can feed them fruits. Some of the fruits are considered nutritious foods for your adorable companion. One of the most loved fruits in the entire universe is oranges. If you want to learn if mini pigs can eat an orange, you have all the right to know if these fruits are suitable for them. 

It is proven that young mini pigs like oranges more than adult ones. However, it is not the first choice of treats for some mini pigs. You can feed them cabbage and pineapples as most owners prefer these foods.

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Orange’s Nutrients

Whenever we heard the word orange, the only thing that comes into our mind is how nutritious it is. Some of us may only know that it only contains Vitamin C. But, as you researched these fruits, you’ll be surprised by the nutritional content it has.

Vitamin C is essential for your pet’s growth and development. It is a protection against many diseases and bacteria. We knew for a fact that these mini pigs are sensitive, so we must double our extra effort to meet their needs. 

If you are consulting a vet and you would ask why oranges are ideal for your mini piggy, they will answer it with all honesty and concern that mini pigs need it to lose weight. It also provides a plethora of other health benefits. It boosts the immune system and contains healthy fibers that help maintain cholesterol levels. Orange contains vitamin A, B1, potassium, calcium, and copper. It is an aid in the metabolism as it proceeds without fattening up the liver.

Half of a large orange or 100 grams contains 47% Calories, 87% Water, 9.4 grams of sugar, 11.8 grams of Carbs, 0.9 grams of protein, 2.4 grams of fiber, and 0.1 grams of Fat.

Some people underestimate orange as it doesn’t offer a large amount of protein. Worry no more as oranges have vitamin C to prevent possible illnesses that may occur unexpectedly. A vitamin-C-rich food like oranges for once in a while will keep them healthy.

How Many Oranges Should I Feed To My Pig?

For mini pigs, enjoying fruits with citrus should be in moderation. They are not like humans who can eat a whole orange a day. Your pet is like a child that needs extra supervision when it comes to its eating capacity.

Because of its moderation terms, discipline is a must in giving oranges to your mini pig. Since they don’t understand numbers, you have to use your spare time in teaching them how many oranges they should only eat. Of course, you can train them, but it will take time to convince your little companion. 

Since oranges are just an occasional treat, do not give a whole orange. Peel the orange before giving it to your mini pig. As of today, there is no proven information that orange peels have the same amount of nutrients like it has on the inside.

As for assurance, experts recommend peeling the orange. In a worst-case scenario, your pet can experience constipation and infection while also decreasing its nutritional value requirement. To prevent this, tear the peel up into small pieces like banana peels. 

For every ten days or within two weeks, give at least two fresh oranges. Make sure that you are following the recommendations, and that is to slice them into small pieces.

How Often Should Mini Pigs Eat Oranges?

One of the factors that you need to know when you have an adorable mini pig is how often they eat their food. Just because they are animals doesn’t mean allowing them to eat large portions of food every day is a must.

You have to follow guidelines that you can get from the advice of the vet. They are one of few people who can tell what is too much and what is not for these little piggies. 

Although oranges are allowed for your mini pig, you should still not give them too many oranges. You have to remember that these fruits are only for your pig’s sweet treats. Since this fruit contains lots of sugar, you have to limit its intake.

It is your job to teach your mini pig the difference between daily food and the occasional treat. 

Give orange to your adult pet mini pig every ten days. It is enough to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. When you still have a young mini pig, once every two weeks is highly advisable. Prepare a fresh ripe orange and cut it into small portions or few bits as it is only just their occasional treat. 

Effects Of Overeating Oranges For Mini Pigs

Mini pigs have a sensitive digestive system. You are responsible for checking every food that they eat. These animals can’t live a healthy lifestyle once they overeat the occasional treats. Like when you decide to give them oranges. It is a general principle to their diet that before introducing them to your pet, check their nutritional content.

You can either check it from the internet, or for a more reliable source, consult a vet as they give a nutritional chart for your pet’s diet. Once you have an idea, it is easy for you to know if they are overeating the orange. 

When these mini pigs eat too many oranges, expect that they will experience some uncomfortable side effects. Excessively eating orange has an amount of fiber that can affect their digestive system. The mini pig will start to feel abdominal cramps that can lead to diarrhea.

It is a serious health matter that needs an immediate solution before it gets worst. Since oranges are low in calories, it can make your mini pigs overweight as they are prone to obesity. Over-consumption of Vitamin C can make them feel weak all of a sudden. When their sensitive body consumes larger-than-normal amounts of this vitamin, it will start to accumulate, leading to overdose symptoms which are deadly for these mini pigs.

If you notice even the slightest changes in their habit, do not think twice to give them in the hands of the vet. They guaranteed that your mini pig’s health is monitored closely for a fast recovery. Let them handle and trust their expertise. 

Final Thoughts: Can Mini Pigs Eat Oranges?


Most people would think that their mini pigs can eat everything since they are pigs. Typically, pigs on the farm can almost eat everything. But mini pigs are way more different from them. Everyone can say pigs can eat an orange. It is easy to say it, especially those who have no pet as bubbly as these piggies.

Oranges are only allowed if they are seeing them as their occasional treats. You probably think that peeling the orange is a time-consuming thing, but it doesn’t matter. It is nothing compared to the joy your pet brings whenever you are having a bad day. 

Remember that before adopting these animals, ask yourself, am I ready for the responsibility? From their diet to the care, up to their shelter? Or make them feel loved by giving them the attention they need? It is only you that can answer the questions.

Indeed, orange is a healthy fruit for everyone, but be sure to know the side effects. All fruits have their downsides, and it is for you to figure it out. Like other food treats for mini pigs, they are delighted with the taste of oranges. Whenever they eat it, it is like always like the first time. You can’t help but enjoy seeing them happy with their treats. Oranges can also be a valuable tool to train your mini pig in the basic commands. They are high- intelligent animals and can be house-trainable pets. They are also social, so they like to have an interaction with you. Whenever they successfully execute a given command, you can make orange as a reward. Better to ask the vet about your cute adorable pet consumption of orange. They will willingly provide sets of beneficial options for the orange intake.

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