How Many Babies Can A Teacup Pig Have In A Litter?

Dealing with mini pigs is the newest kind of therapeutic for people nowadays. It is a long-term responsibility for owners committed and dedicated to having these teacup pig babies as their pets. If you have both female and male mini pigs, they can have early intimate contact with each other.

  • It may indicate a mini pig’s unpredictable behavior, aggression, mounting and destructive behaviors.
  • They can produce lots of piglets at a time.
  • The female can get pregnant as early as one year old.
  • However, it is best to wait until these mini pigs become matured at 18 months or two years.

If you are willing to keep them all, you must prepare yourself for greater responsibility as you handle not just one or two but a bunch of piglets.

How Many Piglets Can A Mini Pig Have?

So, you want to know how many piglets a teacup pig can have in one litter? A miniature pig can have up to 14 babies in one litter. While your mini pig is growing, they become sexually mature as early as three to four months of age. You have to accept the fact that sooner or later, they would produce lots of teacup pigs.

These mini pigs have litters of up to 14 piglets at a time. Some owners hesitate to accept it. They will have to repeat their care all over again, but this time, with a bunch of piglets. Still, most of the owners are grateful for this news.

They can either sell these piglets or make them as a gift for their relatives and close friends. Everyone would be delighted to see these piglets playing and roaming around. But you have to be responsible enough to ensure that your gilt mini pig will give birth to healthy piglets.

Age Of A Mature Teacup Pig

teacup pigs

Juveniles mini pig age up to 2 years old while the young adults are around 3-7 years old, mature adults ages 8-12 years old, seniors are 13-15 years old, and the elders are 16 onwards.

Their age is an essential factor to know if they are the right pet for you. Some prefer adopting juveniles, and others like to have adults. It is a personal choice, and each has definite reasons.

For adult mini pigs, it is acceptable if they are less active than the younger ones. They prefer to take a nap and just lay around while young teacup piglets will test your patience and challenge you more as they always want to play.

These adult piglets eat less unless they are experiencing circumstances such a starving, neglected, and abandoned. In these cases, they will eat as quickly as they could.

Both male and female mini piglets tend to be calm as they get matured. So, expect a lesser activity when you have these adult piglets. Since people are more likely to be clingy when seeing mini pigs, an adult mini pig is your advantage.

They trust easily than younger piggies. When someone unfamiliar faces come through and rub your adult teacup belly, they would not mind it. They can continue without being worry that this mini piglet will attack them.

The age of adult mini pigs is difficult to determine sometimes. There is no direct age indicator. However, it is still possible to know by looking at their physical attributes and behaviors.

Mini Piglet Sizes

baby mini pigs

The terms mini, teacup, and nano are domesticated pigs that weigh between 60 pounds to 200 pounds. Their height ranges from S14 to 20 inches tall.

They are names used as a differentiator between traditional farm pigs and small pig breeds classified as companion animals.

Although they are known as fun-sized piglets, they still have differences when it comes to size.

Mix & Pure Breeds Of Small Piglets 

  • Juliana
  • Yucatan Micro
  • Swedish White
  • KuneKune
  • Pot-bellied
  • African Pygmy
  • Göttingen
  • American Mini Pigs

The American Mini pigs have been known and raised as pets or companions. They are ideal piglets for aspiring pig-owners. 

Compact and sturdy size of 15-20 inches makes the American Mini Pig smaller than other breeds. They can do well both indoor and outdoor. This breed is a perfect size for a mini piglet.

Average Cost of Teacup Pig Babies

Cost of a Baby Mini Pig
Cost of a Baby Mini Pig

A teacup piglet can be expensive since they are a popular pig breed. It costs around $1,200 and $6,500 that can weigh 200 pounds once they mature.

Before you go to your local pet store and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to get your dream mini piglet, it is essential to research before you jump to sudden conclusions. 

Because of the popularity across the world, nowadays, pig-lovers more likely to adopt teacup pigs, these irresistible piglets have been the talk of the town since every household has this mini-adorable pet. 

You can now have convenient access to their information as they are everywhere on the internet. You can now purchase these cute little piglets online. There are several websites, rescue groups, and organizations that offer these mini pigs.

Now with the advantage of technology, those aspiring mini pig owners will easily learn about them. They have brief information and tutorial about the maintenance. 

For a safe and legitimate transaction, you can contact a reputable breeder. The process of adaptation is fast and legal. They are a reliable source to ensure that your mini pig is in good and healthy condition.

If you aim to have one but cannot afford the price, you can check animal rescue organizations. They offer less-price to everyone who wishes to adopt a mini pig. It costs around $450 to $1500. These organizations only want to give their animals the shelter and owner they deserve.

Things to Consider

To adopt a mini piglet is a long-term responsibility. You have to consider giving veterinary care, vaccinations, parasite treatments, foods, vitamins, housing, fencing, bedding, and toys.

All of these are your teacup pig needs. If you love serving them and are dedicated enough to provide the life they deserve, the price of their maintenance would not matter as long as you see them happy, contented, and healthy with their lifestyle. 

Baby Teacup Pig Weight

How much can these mini pigs weigh? When they reach three months, these baby teacup pigs weigh around 10 pounds, and as they grow, they can achieve between 70 and 150 pounds. Some can weigh 200 pounds, and it all depends on the care and their genes. 

The Asian pot-bellied pigs can reach 30 pounds during their first few years. The smaller baby American pot-bellied pigs weigh 10-30 pounds during the first five months. That is why they are called teacup or micro mini pigs.

It is difficult to determine the ideal weight of these mini piglets. We typically identified them as small creatures. But did you know that these teacup pigs necessarily need to have a balance weight as they grow?

An unbalanced diet, undereating, and overeating equals a higher risk of health problems. But, can teacup pigs eat eggs?

Vets and Teacup Piglets

Miniature piglets can vary in size depending on their genetics. To ensure that they have a healthy weight, consult a veterinarian. 

Experienced vets will show a chart that contains the ideal weight for the baby teacup pigs, and they also have a growth chart for their development.

Weight (lbs)Daily Amount of Food
1 to 51/4 Cup
6 to 251/2 Cup
26 to 353/4 Cup
36 to 451 Cup
46 to 551 1/2 Cups
56 to 702 Cups

You need to monitor their weight since they are still juveniles that have a sensitive system. People living in a condo and apartment prefer to have a mini piglet since they only have limited space.

Conclusion: Every Teacup Piglet Counts

The fact that mini pigs can give birth to 14 piglets is incredibly amusing yet overwhelming. Since your pet mini pig gave birth to bundles of cute and adorable baby piggies, you are still responsible for taking care of them and ensuring that the first three months of their lives are full of growth and development activities. 

These babies need proper nourishment from their mother and you as their owner. When piglets are born, they need a warm, dry place to live together with their mother mini pig. 

Provide a spacious but secured area with a fence for all of them so that they won’t have a hard time moving around and with no contact with illness or parasites that might harm these mini piglets. 

In the first few weeks, they need their mother’s milk as their dominant source of nutrients until they reach the 3rd month. You will need to spend money on their food. Always consult your veterinarian with any questions regarding your piglets.

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