Will A Husky Protect You? Truths About How Fierce They Are

Huskies are known for their big-sized and fierce look. Most people believe that these dogs can be a great protector of their household. Despite their strong aura, they are naturally soft on the inside. They prefer to spend their whole day cuddled up in their cozy area than figuring out what are those unusual things that they see in the house as other dog breeds do.

Maybe one of the reasons why you have this dog is for protection purposes. It seems that you don’t have enough information about huskies as a protector. Their looks can be deceiving, but it doesn’t mean they are capable of protecting you from danger.

Will A Husky Protect Its Owner?

Will your pet husky protect you? The truth is, huskies are not naturally protective. They can be protective when given proper training and by starting at a very young age.

A first-timer husky owner would likely ask questions about their pet’s ability to protect. Can huskies protect you from another dog? or a person? Their looks can be deceiving as these dogs have a strong facial structure. They have the same facial features as the wolf in the mountains. It is why most of the time, it tends to mislead people’s judgment that these types of dog breeds can protect them from any danger. Huskies is not a very protective breed. They can be aggressive but with limitations.

In case of danger, most huskies will not follow through to show aggressiveness. These dogs are very possessive, and people mistakenly think that it is their way to protect. When as a matter of fact, they are just possessive. When your husky feels threatened, they will bark and growl.

Some dog breeds would go crazy and follow anything that bothers them and would attempt to bite. Huskies are an exception. Most of these bubbly dogs would not follow through with any substantial protection.

An animal dog welfare expert said that all huskies are different. Some can protect you, and some will not. Naturally, huskies are born friendly, social, and good companions. When you see a protective husky, their owner guided them professionally to protect. There are two types of protectiveness when it comes to dogs; the good and the bad. But it still depends on your reason why you choose husky as your pet.

How To Tell If Your Husky Would Protect You?

When your pet husky has developed a strong relationship with you, and you had them for a long time, you might be surprised that your not-so-protective baby would show a little protectiveness towards you. They may be aggressive sometimes, but it will truly melt your heart whenever they show concern towards you, especially with the whole family. Their way of protecting you from danger would not mean they will act excessively aggressive. There are some initial warning growls and barks whenever your pet sees something unpleasant in their eyes.

Fortunately, huskies are intelligent dogs too. They have sharp instincts just by looking at the person or other animal. These dogs tend to know if someone comes along with pure intentions or not. They are considered the most loving and loyal pet dogs to their owner. They value your loved ones just like how they appreciate you.

There will be exceptions in different huskies. They came across other huskies or owners. Some claim that their husky is overly-protective to the point that even the most minor things can trigger them. Some swear that their husky dog is just as sweet as a child and doesn’t care about anything.

The only person that matters to them is their owner and the family. The husky behavior could have been something they inherit from their parents, or it could be the way how their past owner raised them.

Can You Train a Husky to be Protective?

When talking about the protective behaviour of pet dogs, your husky pet is an exception. However, you can train your husky to be protective. If you have Siberian Husky, they are notoriously difficult to train. You may need professional service from an expert, and you need lots of patients as this husky breed may sometimes disobey your command.

Fortunately, you can train some huskies. Be responsible for ensuring that these dogs are well-trained, especially when one of the reasons why you plan to adopt a dog is for protection.

  • The goal of training your pet dog is to reinforce that you are part of his territory to defend.
  • Take it one at a time. There is no need to hurry as it takes time to teach your husky.
  • You can use obedience commands or the basic ones.
  • Daily training and an effective trainer will play a vital role in instructing your husky to protect you. 

If you have a baby husky, you have to make sure that they are getting what you are conveying and learning as quickly as possible. In just three weeks, you can see the result if it is successful. An adult husky is naturally stubborn. They will only show that they are not that concerned about protecting you. So, it may take months of training before you finally convinced them to see you as one of their territories to secure.

Widen your determination to train your husky. It will be worth it in the end as you will never have to worry about your safety as this fierce-looking companion of yours is ready to protect you at all cost.

How to Train a Husky to be Protective

baby husky playing

Training your husky might be challenging, but it is always something beneficial for you as an owner. Since this breed is one of the most in-demand due to its popularity, you are considered lucky for having this adorable dog.

Some owners think that when they have a pet dog, it will protect the entire household. Some dogs are naturally born as a protector due to their aggressive behavior and instincts. However, if you got a husky, you need to have time and patience to train them. So, how to teach your pet dog to be protective?

Step 1: Train your husky as early as possible.

Experts recommend adopting a young husky than the adult ones. They are easier to train to become protective. These young huskies are willing to learn. So, the entire training will have a smooth process. Start training with your baby husky even though he is only a few weeks old.

Step 2: Monitor and take an interest

Before you start training them with basic commands, observe their behavior. If you think your pet will be having a hard time catching up with the stipulations, you should hire a professional trainer. It is unnecessary to consult these experts, but life would be easy if you have them by your side. They will hands-on train your husky step by step with protective gestures.

Whenever a stranger approach, try to catch the attention of your pet. Do everything that you can to develop curiosity about the strange noise. It may take time, but sooner or later, he will understand you and start to sniff around.

Step 3: Give treats as a reward.

I bet no one can resist a reward after successfully execute something that makes others proud. Huskies like rewards, and they will always do, especially during training. For these dogs, training is such a hard thing to do. Better prepare a treat after the training.

You can give them a reward whenever they bark, sniff, or show alertness in strangers. Use a dog clicker before giving the treat as it is convenient equipment to signal your pet whenever he executed an action correctly. It will speed up the training process. Once they feel that training is no longer worthy of their energy because of the absence of reward, they may not associate with you and your commands.

Step 4: Test their skills.

It is time to know if there are improvements throughout the training process. Start testing their skills with the cooperation of some people. They can scream or run away.

  • Observe what your pet husky will do about it.
  • It is essential to teach your pet that he must only bark until the person flees.
  • Practice this regularly until your adorable companion learns the difference between strangers and close friends.
  • You will be surprised how they start naturally doing it.

Step 5: Never punish your pet

Avoid punishment techniques when you are training your husky to protect you. When you show aggressiveness towards them, your dog would likely push you away and be unbothered with everything you do, especially when you are in danger.

These dogs have an equally soft and brave personality, and they don’t like to associate with violent people. Consistently give them rewards and positive reinforcements.

Can You Train A Husky To Be A Guard Dog?

can a husky be a guard dog

Although it is hard to train a traditional husky to be a guard dog, it is still possible to command them. Just like other dog breeds, you have to teach your husky basic obedience lessons. Ensure to surround them with optimistic people as they like to socialize.

Training your husky to be a guard dog will prevent many behavioral issues. They only tend to be a little bit aggressive when they need you the most or with unfamiliar faces. Though they are naturally friendly despite their fierce wolf-like appearance, they still need to experience and undergo proper training to be guard dogs.

When you successfully trained them as the guard of the household, their alertness will inform you that there is someone or something wrong within your property. From a sweet-caring husky, these dogs can eventually turn to be a notorious wolf guy ready to protect you whatever it takes. However, training your husky will not guarantee them to be your guard dog. It just depends on the dog’s history, temperament, and type of these huskies breed.

Husky will assert your position as pack leader. This one-of-a-kind training is also a great way to stimulate and challenge your husky. Coaching makes a great bonding between the two of you. It means that they would have all the reasons why they need to protect you.

Are Huskies Protective Of Babies?

If you have a baby and a husky in your home, your responsibility is to look out for your baby and your pet dog. Babies are sensitively fragile, and husky can adjust to it.  Although a typical husky is calm, friendly, and not aggressive, you should never leave your baby alone with your husky.

These majestic dogs are not typically protective of babies. So, you will never have a problem with your pet over protecting the baby from you.  Your dog likes to observe, and they would probably see how you gently handle your baby. They will adopt your gentle and calm manner and expect them to be just like you whenever they are around with a baby. They can only offer friendship and loyalty to your babies, but not protection.

Huskies can guarantee that they are gentle. But unfortunately for babies, these dogs are very mouthy bred. They use their mouth for communication. In a worst-case scenario, your husky might injure the baby because of its mouth.

Will A Husky Attack An Intruder?

Since Huskies are extremely friendly and are not naturally suspicious of strangers, they are not the dog breed that can attack the intruders. This case is only for a typical husky. However, if you have a well-trained husky pet, they could bark or attack the intruders until they run away.

When these dogs have no training, they are more likely to welcome an intruder. It may sound crazy, but it is the reality. They will remain unbothered. Yes, they can see a stranger, but it doesn’t make them feel that they must attack the person. A trained husky will bark, sniff, and attack the intruders. Thanks to the training, they are more beneficial and functional dogs.

Because of their natural tough-appearance, some intruders would think twice before going down the yard. They might even believe that these dogs are the deadly weapon of the house. Things will never be easy for intruders. When they encounter a trained husky, they will immediately bark until everyone in the house is alarmed. The intruder’s only choice is to run away. But the question is, would your train husky let him escape? A committed- trained husky would do everything it takes to attack the intruders.

Are Huskies Possessive?

When you have a husky for a long time, your pet will start to be very possessive. Since you already have them at a very young age, they firmly develop a close relationship with you. They get jealous whenever they see their owner enjoying someone’s presence. Yes, they may start to self-pity.

Your pet husky would be upset when someone or some dogs are getting close to you. You can notice this behavior when they show their aggressive side. Since they don’t usually show their aggressiveness, this behavior is an indication that they don’t want you to be close with anyone but them. From a darling to a jealous baby, that’s how some owners describe their husky possessiveness.

Most people mistakenly recognized that their possessiveness is a sign of being protective. When you say protective, they are ready for a fight anytime. Huskies are an exception. They are just possessive because they don’t want to share their owner with anyone else.

Huskies are indeed affectionate. It’s like taking care of your child. They do need lots of attention coming from their owner and the family. Just because they are possessive doesn’t mean they are not ideal dogs for families. They are a wonderful breed for a family with a calm and relax nature. When they start to get possessive, you don’t have to worry as they do not tend to bite.

Final Thoughts

Despite the different methods and various training to make your husky protective, you must understand that these dogs have their limitations too. You don’t have to force them. They would immediately know why you are training them. You have to earn their trust first before they commit to you, and they need to understand that you are the owner. Their job is to love, be a friend, and protect you even in their little ways.

When your husky is used to protecting your family from danger, it will likely lead to behavioral issues that could be hard to fix. So, in able to prevent this situation, train your husky in light and moderate training. Teach them only the basics and act as if it just their daily routine. As time passes by, they will enjoy this setup. Establish walls between aggressiveness for their possessive behavior and their aggressive side towards intruders.

For families, having a trained-husky is an advantage. They don’t just serve as a protector. They can equally give love and affection to each member of the family. They are better as a watchdog than guard dogs since they are active and vocal. These huskies’ wolfish appearance is enough to scare the strangers. It’s hard to decide if your husky can protect you as they are naturally friendly and the complete opposite of other aggressive dog breeds. Good thing, these charming dogs can give you a little assurance that they can protect you through training.

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