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  • Pet Turtles: Top 5 Friendliest Turtle Species
    Turtles are reptiles that can also be considered pets up to this day. They are low-maintenance creatures. Before you adopt a turtle, make sure that you will conduct research first. Turtles are one of the animals that can live long, even longer than you. Some reports said they had encountered a turtle surviving for more than one hundred years. Accept the fact that you are entering into a long-term commitment […]
  • Can Parakeets Eat Chocolate? Too Sweet for Budgies
    Budgies like sweet treats. Some pet owners give honey and peanut butter as their occasional treats for training purposes or any other reasons. But how about the ever-famous chocolate? Can parakeets safely consume chocolate? Since your budgies are not aware of the appropriate and inappropriate foods for them, as a pet owner, you are responsible for making sure that they are eating the right foods that contain the nutrients they […]
  • How To Keep A Box Turtle As A Pet (With Pictures)
    Box turtles are popular pets. They have this exotic look that caught the attention of many. Some of its species have fascinating colors and designs. To survive as a pet, they need exposure to artificial light to stay healthy as well. It is essential to know and provide them with their required diet. These are just a few of the things you need to know on how to keep a […]
  • Can Mini Pigs Eat Oranges? Know Your Pig More
    Your mini pig can get lots of beneficial nutrients from different types of fruits, especially oranges. However, eating the orange you thought has nothing to do with any disease or illness can collect a few risks that can harm your mini pig. When you have a mini pig at home, you will never have a doubt feeding orange to your cute little pet. Mainly because you think orange is a […]
  • Are Turtles Reptiles Or Amphibians? Quick Answer with Pictures
    The majority population of the turtle species spends most of their time underwater. It is one of the reasons why people mistakenly identified them as an amphibian. The fact that they can also survive in the water is just a few reasons for that. They have scales that cover their body, lungs, like some of the other reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and the tuatara. Turtles can insert their […]
  • What Do Pet Turtles Eat? A Quick Guide With 3 Examples
    Turtles are one of the most popular and friendliest reptile pets up to this day. They are indeed a great companion to keep. If you willingly want to adopt this animal, you need to provide time and effort in taking care of them. Turtles have a wide variety of diets in their chart. It includes vegetables, fruits, turtle pellets, insects, fish, and worms. Caring does not only mean providing a […]
  • How Long Can You Hold Your Pet Hedgehog?
    Some people seem to doubt when someone asked them to hold a hedgehog. These animals may be adorable, but you cannot deny the fact that they have some pointy spikes. It is one of the reasons why some think twice about handling a hedgehog. Fortunately, it is not like the quills of other vicious animals that are ready to attack anytime. But the question is, how can you handle a […]
  • Will A Husky Protect You? Truths About How Fierce They Are
    Huskies are known for their big-sized and fierce look. Most people believe that these dogs can be a great protector of their household. Despite their strong aura, they are naturally soft on the inside. They prefer to spend their whole day cuddled up in their cozy area than figuring out what are those unusual things that they see in the house as other dog breeds do. Maybe one of the […]
  • Can Hedgehogs Swim? Do they like to be in the water?
    For most pet owners, having an animal friend that can do well both inland and water is a blessing. It is rare in animals, and those small-sized ones are fun to watch while they swim. Some of those few animals that can swim in the water, and walk on land, are the hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are the pet you can keep everywhere, be it in the deserts and forests. You don’t […]
  • Can Mini Pigs Eat Bananas? Moderation and Serious Warnings
    Every mini pig (or teacup pig) needs food catered to what its body needs. Sometimes, it depends on the physical activity and the diet set by the owner. Fruits are one of their comfort foods. There are extra fruits included in their daily diet, and some are not included due to the different levels of nutrients they have. But, it’s good to discover if these mini pigs eat bananas. Table […]
  • How Many Babies Can A Teacup Pig Have In A Litter?
    Dealing with mini pigs is the newest kind of therapeutic for people nowadays. It is a long-term responsibility for owners committed and dedicated to having these teacup pig babies as their pets. If you have both female and male mini pigs, they can have early intimate contact with each other. It may indicate a mini pig’s unpredictable behavior, aggression, mounting and destructive behaviors. They can produce lots of piglets at […]
  • Can Hedgehogs Eat Eggs? Truths You Should Know About Their Diet
    Do you have a pet hedgehog and you wonder if they can eat anything you give them? In this blog post, you will find answers to common questions that pop up on your mind when caring for this cute pet. Table of Contents Can Hedgehogs Eat Eggs?Egg Facts & Nutrients How Many Eggs Should My Hedgehog Eat?How Often Should Hedgehogs Eat Eggs?Hedgehogs’ Nutritional NeedsEffect Of Overeating Eggs For Hedgehogs Final Thoughts: Hedgehogs […]